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(Designed for children ages 0-18)

The curriculum taught at Sh'arim goes beyond just learning about Judaism - it focuses on actually living it. The students participate in lesson plans and school-wide programming that is built around the following 3 pillars: (1) Learning, (2) Worship, and (3) Acts of Loving Kindness. 


Sh'arim is only available because of the full support offered by the Shaarai Temple Family. A lot of members dedicate their time to teaching our children in the classrooms. These teachers are passionate, dedicated, and continually strive to enhance the Jewish experience for each student. Leading the overall educational program are Rabbi Paskoff, Nikki Wilson (School Administrator), and Bob Houghton (Teacher Coach).


Classes are approximately two hours long. Students being picked up early should arrive to school with a note from the parent. When picking up the child early, parents should go directly to the main office- not directly to the classroom- for safety purposes. The administration will bring your child to you. 


Information about weather-related program closings and delays will be announced on the Congregation webpage, and on a recording on our main line: 717-397-5575. It will also be posted with the following tv outlet: WGAL 8.

When you are ready to join us, simply complete this registration form. For more information about the program, please contact the Main Office. 

SH'ARIM 2018/19


As we started last year, it is no longer that Hebrew instruction will be on Wednesday and everything else on Sunday. The two days will bring an integrated approach to make sure that Hebrew is linked to everything else we're doing thematically on both days. The Hebrew program will use multiple modalities, including programs called Hebrew in Harmony and Hebrew Through Movement.

This year, Lauren Gerofsky and Genna Woodward will be our Hebrew specialists. They will be orchestrating our learning in grades 1 - 7, and will be supported by the team of instructions for each Sha-ar. That means that there may be 4 or 5 adults facilitating a Hebrew lesson. We'll be able to look at kids at different ability levels, break into very small groups, and customize our instruction as much as possible! We're excited about how this will help our students learn according to their needs and abilities.

Tue, January 19 2021 6 Sh'vat 5781